4.1.3.Factors Affecting Memory

Memory as stated already, is a process which includes learning, retention and remembering. As such all the three processes are important for good memory.

Eleven Factors that Influence Memory Process in Humans are as follows:

a. Ability to retain: This depends upon good memory traces left in the brain by past         experiences.

b. Good health: A person with good health can retain the learnt material better than a       person with poor health.

c. Age of the learner: Youngsters can remember better than the aged.

d. Maturity: Very young children cannot retain and remember complex material.

e. Will to remember: Willingness to remember helps for better retention.

f. Intelligence: More intelligent person will have better memory than a dull person.

g. Interest: If a person has more interest, he will learn and retain better.

h. Over learning: Experiments have proved that over learning will lead to better memory.

i. Speed of learning: Quicker learning leads to better retention.

j. Meaningfulness of the material: Meaningful materials remain in our memory for longer period than for nonsense material.

k. Sleep or rest: Sleep or rest immediately after learning strengthens connections in the brain and helps for clear memory.