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Module Learning Competencies:
Up on the successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Develop an understanding of the nature of anthropology and its broader scope in making sense of humanity from a global perspective;
  • Understand the cultural and biological diversity of humanity and unity in diversity across the world and in Ethiopia;
  • Analyze the problems of ethnocentrism against the backdrop of cultural relativism;
  • Realize the socially constructed nature of identities & social categories such as gender, ethnicity, race, and sexuality;
  • Explore the various peoples and cultures of Ethiopia;
  • Understand the social, cultural, political, religious& economic life of different ethnolinguistic & cultural groups of Ethiopia;
  • Understand different forms of marginalization and develop skills of inclusiveness;
  • Appreciate the customary systems of governance and conflict resolution institutions of the various peoples of Ethiopia;
  • Know about values, norms, and cultural practices that maintain society together;
  • Recognize the cultural area of the peoples of Ethiopia and the forms of interaction developed over time among themselves; and
  • Develop broader views and skills to deal with people from a wide variety of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

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