Agricultural Economics is critical in enhancing agricultural development through effective mobilization of the nation’s potential resources. The productivity of the peasant sub-sector must be improved in tandem with the development of agricultural enterprises, inter-sectorial linkages must be strengthened, and the country’s economic development must be ensured through effective agricultural economic resources management. The current poverty reduction effort and promotion of sustainable development in Ethiopia necessitate competent and committed Agricultural Economics professionals who meet the labor demand requirements.

The national Agricultural Economics exit exam shall have the following objectives
To produce skilled and competent manpower to national and international market
Assessing students’ educational achievement in major areas of Agricultural
Improving public trust and confidence in Agricultural Economics activities of
Facilitating the efforts of students to revise the core learning outcomes of the courses covered by the exit examination
Ensuring all graduates from Higher Education Instructions satisfy the requirements of the labor market and employability through the national wide implementation of competency-based exit exam
Creating competitive spirit among Agricultural Economics departments in Ethiopia with the vies to encouraging them to give due attention to the national standards

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