This Data communication and computer networks module prepared for concerned students to enhance education delivery using hard copy and softcopy options.
Dear students, this module divided into seven chapters with very deep data communication and computer networks contents as briefly highlighted below.
In Chapter one, there are around three main topics these are Introduction to computer network, Data communication and History of computer networks. These three chapters will cover in detail in chapter one as described above.
In Chapter Two, you will study about Data Communications, Transmission Mediums, Guided and Unguided transmissions, Transmission modes and transmission impairments. In addition to this you will learn more about satellite transmission too.
In chapter Three, students will study about Network architecture which covers network devices, network line configuration, network topologies, connection oriented and connectionless services.
In Chapter Four, you will learn about Network protocols, TCP/IP protocol suites, OSI references model and network standardizations bodies.
In Chapter Five, you will know about local area networks and wide area networks, and also students will learn about LAN technologies and WAN technologies.
In Chapter Six, Students will know more about client server communications, socket programming, Server side programming, server socket and multithreading concepts.
In Chapter Seven, dear students in this chapter you will learn more about network security issues and integrity, cryptography concepts, symmetric and asymmetric key encryption concepts, public key and private key concepts and also you will more about digital signature and some other techniques.

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